Why we are here

We believe BioDisruption® will mutate the DNA of all human-related activities.

We study disruption across sectors, disciplinary fields and markets. We believe that a new radical shift will shatter the ways innovation is defined and human systems are organized. We have witnessed the dramatic impact that the first disruptive wave of the digital & the data has had - and is still having - on people, large organizations and institutions. We see the discomfort. We see avoidance strategies and cultural resistance. We see the missed opportunities. We don’t want the same to happen when the next wave of disruption will hit.

We believe it will be Bio-inspired and Bio-driven.

And it is coming.
What it will bring is not just some kind of “musical chairs” game whereby existing actors (market incumbents) fade away while new actors (start-ups) emerge – but a profound rewriting of the code on which human-made tech, systems, and artefacts (be they cities, organizations, societies, markets or economies) are based.

Innovation at the nanolevel with mass scaling potential and game-changing impact across industries and sectors.

We see the potential. We see the threats. And we see the need to connect the dots between the academics, the researchers, the thinkers, and the start-upers who are developing Disruptive Bio Practices and the industries, organizations, and institutions which can leverage on them and expand their reach and impact.

That’s why we are launching the BioDisruption® project.

Where we see Biodisruption happen

What we do

The locus of our interest is on the ways human-made systems, large organizations and industries will be reconfigured to cope with the radical mutations that Disruptive Bio Practices conjointly bring.

We analyze the impact that BioDisruption® has on the 4 key levers of innovation: the infrastructure, the society, the market and the intelligence.

We help organizations recognize the value creation potential of Disruptive Bio Practices in their own field of activity

We assist them in taking full advantage of BioDisruption-related innovation opportunities.

From the Data Revolution to the BioDisruption®

The Data disruption taught us useful lessons to decrypt and anticipate the impact of BioDisruption

A true game-changing disruption happens only when 4 conditions converge:

A new infrastructure is laid, creating life-changing conditions
Society is the early adopter that forces change upon institutions
Markets reorganize to address emergent needs well, before large organizations do
Ultimately, disruption is not an issue of new tech & tools but of mindset & culture, powered by a new kind of intelligence.

The 4 pillars of data disruption

We believe BioDisruption will have an equally important impact on the 4 pillars of disruption : the environment, the society, the market, and the intelligence.

Where we are going

We are creating Smart Interfaces between BioDisruption Champions and Large Organizations to expand the scope and reach of their Innovation

Deep dive to extract Best Bio Practices at emerging or pre-emerging stages

Cross-fertilization of these Bio Practices across sectors and industries

Detection / Incubation of Disruptive Innovation Opportunities with high cross-sectorial impact

Who we are


Entrepreneur & emerging trends explorer

Isabelle holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. She is an innovation and business leader in the emerging trends, technology practices and change management.

She cofounded Theano Advisors, a fast growing organizational consultancy which provides strategic and operational support to large corporations.

Her left field thinking, and unique vision of a plural & connected world, comes from her deep dive experiences in the emerging markets of India and Latin America as well as the most advanced economies in USA and Europe.

Her interests are at the crossroads of humanities and cutting-edge technologies. She is passionate about translating complex subjects into integrative and empowering solutions, to solve global challenges.

She has been an assiduous yoga practitioner for the last 12 years and is pursuing, through study and practice, her research into the relationship between the Body, the Mind, and the Tech.


Doctor of pharmacy & innovation strategist

As a catalyzer for a greater impact, Zeina combined her Pharmacy training (Research & Clinical) with a Business degree from HEC Paris (Aerospace specialization).

Working in emerging and established markets -across Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and Brazil has provided her with a new perspective for understanding different cultural dynamics and imagining the possibilities of future markets.

She’s a volunteer activist in multiple NGOs for Education Public Outreach, Humanitarian and Social Rights, Environment Conservation, and Emergency Medical Services.

She is passionate about the future models of innovation that would push the frontiers of human health, cognitive abilities and habitable environments.


Advisor to CEOs of Global Corporations & serial entrepreneur

Michel is the trusted advisor of CEOs and Chairmen of large corporations in the areas of Organization Design, Leadership, Change Management and Innovation.

A serial entrepreneur in the consulting field, he has founded several high-growth organization consultancies and currently heads Theano Advisors.

He has driven numerous transformational programs in diverse industries such as Aeronautics & Defense, Energy, Hi Tech, Retail, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive and Rail.

He is a published author of several business management books and articles, a lecturer in leading French Business and Engineering Schools, and an angel investor and mentor to a number of innovative start-ups in Europe and Asia.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie with a specialization in Game theory.